Living With Borderline Personality Disorder

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is one hell of a ride. It's hard, it's scary, it's passionate, it's angry and it's everything in between.

This is a safe place for people with Borderline. A place where we can share our stories, our experiences, our struggles and triumphs. It's a place where we can support each other and help each other through some of the hardest times.

This is also a place for family and friends of those with BPD. We ask that you respect us, our thoughts and our experiences.

Feel free to submit your stories, experiences, music, art, photo's, videos -- anything that expresses how you feel or how you feel about having BPD.

Please also take a moment to read the guidelines.


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this is gonna sound ridiculously selfish, arrogant and egocentric, but i need to say it because i cannot understand it. i live in a country when it is mostly hot, therefore, at school we have a uniform which consists of short sleeves. obviously you can wear your sweatshirt if you want but when its boiling, its really the last thing you wanna do. point is, self harm has ruined so much of my life, Im was not willing to suffocate to death because of it too so i now wear the uniform without the jumper and ive doing so for a year, enough time for anyone who knows me to actually see the scars. (I do hide fresh cuts) ANYWAY, the point is… people at school, friends, classmates, teachers are not blind, and everything I do reflects how shitty my life is going however poeple just seem oblivious to this. i know it sounds egocentris and selfish and arrogant and i hate myself (even more than I already do) for asking this but how can they not notice. im not doing any of this for attention but my grades are fucked, if they just bothered to look down they could see the scars in my arms, my attitude is not the best… and yet they dont have time to even ask are you ok? its 3 words. and i dont just ask it for me, it just amazes how indifferent and uncaring people can be. and i dont ever wanna be like that. so please if you ever encounter someone who shows signs of just being fucked like i am or lmaybe like you are, take some time, literally seconds, to ask one simple question are you ok? or just say you can talk to me whenever you want. because trust me, just knowing that that one person cared enough to look down your arm, to notice you, it makes a HUGE difference. 

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    All I ever got was “Are you going emo??” kinda killed me inside… Because I was hurting and I didn’t know what to do, and...
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